Department Overview

The City Clerk is responsible for the care and custody of all of the official records and documents of the City, and for providing and maintaining all legal and historical information and records. This office provides support to the City Council, acts as a professional link between the citizens, the City Council and agencies of government at other levels. The City Clerk acts as the information center on functions of local government.

Mission Statement

To process all ordinances and resolutions in a timely manner, to record the minutes of all City Council, Redevelopment Agency, Public Finance Authority and Lynwood Information Incorporated meetings accurately. To implement City Council policy efficiently and effectively, and issue, maintain and monitor all public information.

Contact Information

City Clerk, Maria Quiñonez
(310) 603-0220, ext. 214

Nancy Albitre, Interim Deputy City Clerk
(310) 603-0220, ext. 214

Eduardo Sarmiento, Assistant to the City Clerk
(310) 603-0220, ext. 214