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What is the Lynwood Breeze?

The Lynwood Breeze (formerly known as Lynwood Trolley) is the City of Lynwood’s public transportation operating multiple bus routes within Lynwood and a direct shuttle to the Willowbrook Blue Line Station. The City of Lynwood contracts with Parking Company of America to operate the Lynwood Breeze (formerly known as the Lynwood Trolley).

The Lynwood Breeze has 4 Bus routes: Route A- Red, Route B- Green, Route C – Purple, Route D- Blue in Lynwood with 110 bus stops.

Lynwood Breeze Transportation App

To access real time information on bus arrival and routes, download the Lynwood Breeze App on your smart phone!

*Times are based on traffic and weather condition.

Dispatch Center:

For customer schedule assistance, call the dispatch center (1-323-400-6255) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.

Traveling safely

What are we’re doing

  • Following FTA of CDC guidelines CoV-fact-sheet-card Stop_the_spread
  • Continuing to deep-clean and disinfect vehicles daily
  • Making mask and hand sanitizers available in the bus
  • Monitoring all drivers’ temperatures daily
  • Announcements in the bus playing audio every 15 minutes about social distancing and other safety topics


What you can do

  • Continue to wear a mask to ensure safety between ridership
  • Pay attention to signage in the bus
  • Use hand sanitizer, wash your hands when you get to your destination
  • If possible, maintain a six feet distance from others


Our Cleaning Procedures

Parking Company of America continues to proactively remove the trash, clean spills, biohazards, spot-clean seats, floors, and other surfaces, and disinfect common bus touchpoints.


Safety Complaints

Bus safety issues observed should be reported immediately, but at least within 15 days of observance. A safety complaint is related to the mechanical condition associated with the Lynwood Trolley / Breeze operations that might be faulty.


Common safety complaints:

  • Bald tires
  • Faulty or squeaking brakes
  • Lights not properly operating
  • Faulty doors or seats
  • And any other mechanical issues


You can make a complaint at the following contact information:

  1. Call Olivia – Parking Company of America (1-714-293-7362) from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.

Report Bus Complaints

Bus safety complaints observed related to the actions of a driver during transit are commonly about speeding, texting while driving, nodding off, or driving over legal driving hours (Hours of Service). Please call the following person to report your complaint:

  1. Mario Cadenas – Parking Company of America (1-323-359-4442) or (1-562-862-2118), , 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.

Please make sure to provide detailed information of the trips including the operator number, day and time of travel, phone number from which the trip was placed, and pick-up/drop-off addresses.


We want to know your feedback on our transit services

If you have suggestions on how to improve out transit services, please call the City of Lynwood at 310-603-0220, extension 500 or email us at