Successor Agency (ABX1 26) and Oversight Board

On June 28, 2011, the Governor signed two budget trailer bills into law, ABx1 26 and ABx1 27, which became effective June 29, 2011. ABx1 26 eliminates redevelopment agencies in California and provides direction and guidelines for the dissolution of all redevelopment activities and functions. On December 29, 2011, the California Supreme Court issued its opinion in the case California Redevelopment Association, et al. v. Ana Matosantos, etc., et al., Case No. S196861, and upheld the validity of ABx1 26 and invalidated ABx1 27. As a result of the delay in the effective date of ABx1 26 caused by the Matosantos case, most deadlines in ABx1 26 have been extended by the Supreme Court by four months.

On January 10, 2012, the City Council adopted a resolution electing to have the City Council to serve as the Successor Agency to the dissolved Lynwood Redevelopment Agency. On January 31, 2012, the City Council appointed the Lynwood Housing Authority to serve as the Successor Agency to retain housing assets and functions previously performed by the Lynwood Redevelopment Agency.

Part of the process of winding down redevelopment agencies affairs pursuant to ABx1 26, is the preparation an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule (EOPS) by the Lynwood Redevelopment Agency and Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) by the Successor Agency and the posting of such documents on the Successor Agency website.

Pursuant to AB x1 26, redevelopment agencies must adopt an Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule that lists all of the obligations that are enforceable within the meaning of subdivision (d) of Section 34167.

An ROPS is a document setting forth the minimum payment amounts and due dates of payments required by enforceable obligations for each six-month fiscal period until the affairs of the LRA have been wound up and all obligations have been met.


Oversight Board to the Successor Agency to the Dissolved Lynwood Redevelopment Agency


ABx1 26- EOPS (Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule)(Adopted 8/24/2011)

ABx1 26- EOPS (Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule) (Amended 1/31/2012)

ABx1 26 – EOPS (Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule)(Amended 3/20/2012)

ABx1 26- EOPS (Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule)(Amended 4/3/2012)

ABx1 26 EOPS (Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule) (Amended 5/15/12)

ABx1 26- ROPS (Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule)(Preliminary)(Draft)(Prepared 8/20/2011)

ABx1 26- ROPS (Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule)(Preliminary Initial) (Amended 1/31/2012)

ABx1 26- ROPS (Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule)(Draft)(Adopted 2/21/2012)

ABx1 26 – ROPS (Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule)(Draft) (Amended 3/20/2012)

ABx1 26 – ROPS (Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule)(Period of January 1, 2012 – June 30, 2012)(adopted 4/3/2012)

ABx1 26 – ROPS (Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule)(First and Draft)(Approved by the Oversight Board on 4/23/12)

ABx1 – ROPS (Amended First Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule – Consolidated) (Period January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012) (Revised 5/1/12)

ABx1 – ROPS (Second Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule – Consolidated) (Period July 1, 2012 to December 30, 2012) (Revised 5/1/12)

Oversight Board Approved 2nd ROPS May 2, 2012

Oversight Board Approved Amended 1st ROPS May 2, 2012

Oversight Board Approved EOPS and all Subsequent EOPS

Oversight Board Approved ROPS III August 21, 2012

Oversight Board Approved ROPS III as Amended August 28, 2012

Oversight Board Approved ROPS III as Corrected October 9, 2012

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 13-14A February 26, 2013

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 13-14B 9/17/13

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 14-15A (2/18/14)

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 14-15B (9/23/14)

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 15-16A (2/24/15)

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 15-16B (9/22/15)

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 16-17

Oversight Board Approved Amended ROPS16-17B

Oversight Board Approved ROPS 17-18

SB 272 – Catalog of Enterprise Systems

SB 272 – Catalog of Enterprise Systems

What is SB 272?

SB 272 requires local agencies (excluding school districts) to create catalogs of all enterprise systems that store information about the public, and to post this catalog on their websites, if they have websites. If they do not have a website, they are required to publish the catalog in a way that can be provided to anyone who asks. This law applies to all California special districts, cities and counties, and compliance is required by July 1, 2016.

Governor Brown approved SB 272 in October 2015, adding section 6270.5 to the California Public Records Act (the “Act,” Government Code Sections 6250-6276.48). Because it was added to the Public Records Act, local agencies will not be able to seek reimbursement from the State for costs associated with compliance.

What is covered by SB 272?

Section 6270.5 defines an enterprise system as a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges, and analyzes information that the agency uses that is:

  1. a multi-departmental system or system that contains information collected about the public and
  2. a system of record

A system of record means a system that serves as an original source of data within an agency.

SB 272 requires local agencies to create a catalog of multi-departmental systems or systems containing information about the public that store original records and post the catalog on their agency website.

What is excluded?

Enterprise systems do not include cybersecurity systems, infrastructure and mechanical control systems, or information that would reveal vulnerabilities to, or otherwise increase the potential for an attack on, a public agency’s IT system.

Additionally, section 6270.5 does not automatically require disclosure of the specific records that the IT systems collect, store, exchange or analyze, however, the Act’s other provisions pertaining to disclosure of such records still apply.

What is required in the catalog?

For each enterprise system included in the catalog list, agencies must disclose:

  • Current system vendor
  • Current system product
  • The purpose of the system
  • What kind of data is stored in it
  • The department that serves as the system’s primary custodian
  • How frequently system data is collected
  • How frequently system data is updated

For the full text of the bill, see

VendorProductPurposeData TypeCustodianFreq CollectedFreq Updated
Tyler TechnologiesEdenFinancial Management SystemDatabase - SQLFinance and AdministrationDailyDaily
EdenAccounts PayableDatabase - SQLFinance and AdministrationDailyDaily
EdenAccounts ReceivableDatabase - SQLFinance and AdministrationDailyDaily
EdenBudget PreparationDatabase - SQLFinance and AdministrationAs neededAs needed
EdenFixed AssetsDatabase - SQLFinance and AdministrationAs neededAs needed
EdenHuman ResourcesDatabase - SQLHuman Resources DepartmentDailyDaily
EdenPermits and InspectionsDatabase - SQLPublic Works and Development ServicesDailyDaily
EdenPurchasingDatabase - SQLFinance and AdministrationDailyDaily
EdenUtility BillingDatabase - SQLFinance and AdministrationDailyDaily
LaserficheLaserficheElectronic Document Management SystemDatabase - SQLAdministrative ServicesDailyDaily
HDL CompaniesHDL Business LicenseBusiness License SystemDatabase - SQLAdministrative ServicesDailyDaily
MicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange 2016Email Exchange ServerEmail DatabaseInformation TechnologyDailyDaily
ADPPayrollPayroll ProcessingDatabaseFinance and AdministrationDailyDaily
GoGovAppsGoGovAppsCitizen Relationship ManagementDatabase - SQLMultiple DepartmentsDailyDaily
GoGovAppsGoGovAppsCode Enforcement Case Management SystemDatabase - SQLDevelopment ServicesDailyDaily
NeogovApplicant TrackingOnline Applicant TrackingApplicant TrackingHuman Resources DepartmentFrequentlyAs needed
Phoenix GroupParking Citation ManagementParking Citation and Administrative Citation SystemDatabase - SQLDevelopment ServicesDailyDaily
All American SportsLeague Administration SoftwareSports Program League AdministrationDatabaseRecreation and Community ServicesDailyDaily
SpiceworksSpiceworksIT Help Desk SoftwareDatabase - SQLInformation TechnologyDailyDaily
FindRFPFindRFPOnline Distribution of Request for ProposalsDatabaseInformation TechnologyAs neededAs needed
PetDataPetDataAnimal Licensing DataDatabase - SQLDevelopment ServicesDailyDaily
PlanetBidsPlanetBidsOnline Distribution of Request for ProposalsDatabasePublic WorksAs neededAs needed