March Transportation Update from Metro

Upcoming meetings and information on Metro projects and programs:

I-710 Corridor Project Update

At the recent March 1st Metro Board Meeting, the Metro Board of Directors approved Alternative 5C as the Locally Preferred Alternative for the I-710 Corridor Project.  The Board also approved several motions that prioritize the completion of Early Action Projects such as local interchange and arterial improvements, expand the funding target for the Clean Emissions Truck Program, and require staff to return to the Board for approval on recommendations for Early Action Projects, as well as a final decision on widening the freeway once the Early Action Projects have been completed.  More information on the Board’s decision can be found on The Source, which includes links to the specific motions approved by the Board.


Community Meetings Next Week for the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Project

Metro will be conducting a round of Community Update Meetings beginning next week to provide the public with project updates and gather feedback on the new proposed northern alignment concepts being analyzed as part of the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Project.  Meetings will take place in: Downtown LA/Little Tokyo (March 12); Artesia (March 13); Bell (March 17); and Downey (March 19).  The Artesia meeting will also be conducted as a live webcast.  For more information on these meetings, please click here.


I-105 ExpressLanes Public Scoping Meetings

Metro and Caltrans are preparing engineering and environmental studies, and initiating public scoping meetings to study the possible implementation of ExpressLanes along the I-105 corridor between I-405 and I-605.  Public meetings will be held in: Lennox (March 21); Los Angeles/Watts (March 22) and Paramount (March 24).  The Los Angeles (Watts) meeting will also be conducted as a live webcast.  For more information on this project and the upcoming meetings, please click here.




Recently, one member of the City Council has been reported to have engaged in conduct which places the City of Lynwood under a cloud of suspicion. The allegations under review are serious and troubling. The City Council wants to publically and collectively state that the City of Lynwood follows a zero tolerance against those who are the focus of claims or complaints of sexual harassment, hostile work environment or intimidating conduct by any employee, officer or elected official of the City.

It is with this in mind that the City Council informs the community that it is taking strong, swift action which includes the following:

  •  The City Council has directed that a full and complete investigation be conducted by an independent third party to delve into the allegations presented. The investigator has been given the task and responsibility of conducting a comprehensive inquiry of all facts, details and allegations contained in the complaint. This process will follow all required policies of City and be conducted consistent with California State law.
  • The City Council and all City employees and officials are committed to the protection of all employees and officers, including the City Manager and the City’s managerial staff. Again, no one should be subjected to an environment of harassment or to circumstances resulting in a hostile work place. The right of all employees to work in a safe setting is a top priority.
  • While California law prohibits the City Council to unilaterally remove one of its members, Councilmember Hernandez has voluntarily agreed to relinquish his position as Mayor Pro Tem. He has also agreed to be removed from all internal and external committees or outside agency assignments. In addition, he has consented, pending the outcome of the City’s independent investigation, not to interact with any City employees or officials and to participate in Council meetings only by telephonic attendance, not to attend any City events and not visit City Hall.

In light of the current unfortunate circumstances reported against elected office at all levels of government, the City of Lynwood and the City Council supports those who have been victimized by any type of harassing or inappropriate conduct and strongly condemns those who engage in such egregious behavior. The residents of our community have the right to expect the highest level of integrity, respect and personal behavior of its elected officials.

The City Council stands firm in its commitment to such fundamental principles and practices.