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Trash Service – New COVID-19 Emergency Guidelines Effective Immediately

Lynwood Residents – Please read from WRT (the City’s waste collection contractor)

Due to safety precautions surrounding COVID-19, WRT is implementing the following emergency service guidelines/requirements EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:
– All trash and recycling generated from homes and businesses must now be placed in PLASTIC BAGS AND TIED OFF to avoid any direct, human contact with untreated waste of any kind. Greenwaste is not affected.
– All trash and recyclables must be in containers. Loose trash will not be collected.
– WRT drivers are instructed to remain inside their vehicles at all time.
– All waste containers must be accessible for service by the collection vehicles.
– Please do not place your containers close to cars or structures.
– All container lids must be closed. DO NOT overfill your containers. This may cause spillage. The recovery of spilled items will be the responsibility of the resident or business.
– DO NOT approach the WRT driver for additional services. For any such issue, please call Customer Service.
– Valet/Backyard services provided for non‐essential/convenience purposes are suspended at this time. However, if you are receiving this specialized service due to a disability or hardship, please rest assured that your service will continue as usual.

Bulky Items: Effective immediately, all mattresses, couches and sofa cushions/filling must be bagged and sealed before being set out for collection. WRT will continue to collect solid and non‐porous items such as appliances, desks, hard furniture, bed frames, etc., as usual. Loose trash placed along with bulky tems will not be collected.

Questions or concerns?
Phone: 310‐366‐7600 or toll‐free at (888) 467‐7600