“Homeowners Exemption, “is a property tax savings program in which Los Angeles County property owners can save on their annual tax bills.

Nearly one in three homeowners in Los Angeles County do not take advantage of this tax savings program, leaving $30 million unclaimed each year. Across the County, an additional 435,000 families can be saving on their property tax bills. Attached below is a list of all 88 cities in Los Angeles County and the number of qualified homeowners in your community (and the total amount of unclaimed tax savings dollars) who have not yet taken advantage of this program.

The Homeowner’s Exemption reduces a property’s taxable assessed value by $7000, provided that the property is the owner’s principal place of residence as of January 1st. The result is a $70 savings on the annual tax bill. Homeowners need only apply once in order to receive these savings each year. Savings continue until a change (such as a sale) is recorded.

The Homeowners’ Exemption claim form and filing information are available here: (https://assessor.lacounty.gov/homeowners-exemption/). For additional property tax relief programs, including disaster relief for properties that sustained damage during the recent wildfires or flooding, visit www.assessor.lacounty.gov/exclusions-tax-relief or call (213) 974-3211.