Henning Youth Center

The Henning Youth Center is located at 11409 Birch Street.  First opened in 1989 as the Lynwood Youth Center; the Youth Center was newly rebuilt and commemorated on October 3, 1997.  On September 18, 2015, the Lynwood City Council announced a name change of the facility to the Robert Henning Youth Center, in honor of a former, late City of Lynwood Mayor. The center offers a multipurpose room with a game area, an outdoor basketball court, and a computer room for students who need access to the internet and/or a computer for homework-related assignments.

A Welcome Packet is available for new visitors at our front counter. The packet includes valuable information about the center and programs available to youth. .

For more information about Classes, After-School programs, Summer Camps, Meal Programs, and Field Trips, call the Henning Youth Center at (310) 603-0220, Ext. 453.

Office hours are:

Monday through Friday:  9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Contact Information

Diana Romero, Recreation Facility and Program Supervisor
Recreation and Community Services/Henning Youth Center
(310) 886-0453