Peter Han
Director of Technology
& Media Support Services


The purpose of the Technology and Media Support Services Department, which is comprised of the Information Technology division and Marketing and Media Services division is to provide exceptional services and innovation through the use and understanding of technology and to produce the highest quality of results oriented media to promote the City and its services.


The Technology and Media Support Services Department’s mission is to provide excellence in information technology services and solutions, and marketing and media outreach that will facilitate the vision, objectives and goals of the City of Lynwood by:

•    Providing a highly reliable data center and network infrastructure to run the City’s mission critical applications and ensure the efficient delivery of data.
•    Providing technical resources and solutions needed by each of the City’s departments and by helping users utilize the full capabilities of current applications and IT resources.
•    Providing the best measures available to secure City’s network from intrusion, viruses, and malware.
•    Providing effective and efficient delivery of media outreach through results oriented media, which includes marketing, graphic design, social media, website development, and video production.

Marketing and Media Services Division

The Marketing and Media Services division will promote the City’s programs, highlight City accomplishments, and provide effective and efficient communication programs to the public through media communications and public outreach.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Marketing and Media Services division is to promote the effective and efficient delivery of City services by communicating to the public through various media, including graphic design, marketing, advertising, branding and video production. We are committed to meet our City’s objectives by delivering the highest levels of professionalism and experience.

Contact Information

Peter Han, Director of Technology and Media Support Services
(310) 603-0220 x294