Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division includes Code Enforcement, Parking Enforcement and Animal Control. This branch works collectively to enforce zoning standards, building code and the City’s Municipal Code.

Parking Enforcement

Comprehensive parking enforcement is important to the health, safety, and economic vitality of Lynwood.  A dutiful, conscientious ticketing force is the heart of an effective parking management program, which enables the City to maximize usage of its on-street parking surplus.

Activities performed by Public Safety Officers include:

  • Patrolling designated routes and enforce all parking laws and ordinances within the C.V.C. (California Vehicle Code) and the L.M.C. (Lynwood Municipal Code)
  • Issue parking citations to vehicles parked illegally
  • Impound illegally parked and abandoned vehicles
  • Respond to service requests and calls for service
  • Interpret parking regulations and procedures to the public

Our City streets serve many competing interests and they are one of the most sought-after resources the City controls.  Primarily, the streets are designed for moving traffic, but shoppers, delivery vehicles, visitors, taxis, and buses all vie for on-street parking space.

Parking enforcement plays a vital role in ensuring that the street is used in the best interests of the community.  The primary objectives of enforcement are:

  • Support the on-street and off-street parking system by equitably and consistently enforcing the parking regulations
  • Encourage compliance with the State’s and City’s parking regulations
  • Promote traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Maximize the capacity of the existing parking supply through increased turnover
  • Protect on-street access needed for commerce and public convenience
  • Enhance the quality of life in the residential zones by keeping the area free of abandoned vehicles.

Common Violations and Fines

Street Sweeping $69.00
Alley Parking $69.00
Oversize Vehicle $229.00
Commercial Vehicle in Residential Zone $229.00
Expired Registration $91.00
Handicapped Zone $384.00
Fire Hydrant Zone $69.00
Red Curb Zone $64.00
Parking Across Sidewalk $64.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contest a parking citation?

Parking citations are handled through a civil process unless appealed to a criminal court. You may get details on the process by calling the Parking Enforcement Division at (310) 603-0220 ext. 271.

The first element of the appeal is an Initial Review. This form must be submitted within 21 calendar days after the date of issuance. The Initial Review form can be processed via the City’s website or received at the Public Safety Division counter between the hours of 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Monday – Thursday.  The form requires certain information about you and the citation, including a statement about your reason for contesting the citation.

The Public Safety Manager can conduct a brief review of a parking citation for validity.  If there are errors which invalidate the citation, the citation can be voided, but this is NOT a determination of innocence or guilt.  It is only a review to determine that the citation was legally issued.

If the citation is not voided, you may request a Hearing.  To start the process, you need to complete the “Request for Administrative Hearing” form and post the bail for the citation.

The form requires you to and select whether you want a “Hearing by Personal Appearance,” which is a physical appearance at a Hearing presided over by a Hearing Examiner, or a “Hearing by Declaration,” which is submitting your argument in writing for a decision by the Hearing Examiner.

The appearance option is a Hearing held by a Hearing Examiner who hears contested citations on a monthly basis.  In that Hearing you can testify, have a witness testify, or present other evidence, such as photos. The Hearing Examiner can find you not liable or dismiss the ticket administratively.  He or she can also find you liable, in which case the posted bail is forfeited.  The other option is a “Hearing by Declaration” which allows you to submit a written argument to the Hearing Examiner, who then has the same options as with a live hearing.  The decision of the Hearing Examiner is final unless you appeal the case to Los Angeles County Superior Court.

How do I obtain release of an impounded vehicle?

Registered owners of impounded vehicles must FIRST obtain an impound release prior to going to the contract tow service storage facility.  Releases can be obtained at City Hall during regular business for a fee of $125.00.  If the impound occurred when City Hall is closed, the registered owner can remit their impound release payment to Century Sheriff Station, located at 11703 Alameda Street.

To obtain a release on a vehicle that has been impounded.  The registered owner must provide a valid California driver’s license, the proper registration for the vehicle and provide payment for any outstanding parking violations.  If the registered owner does not have a valid California driver’s license, he or she must bring two people with valid licenses to obtain a release.

With the impound release and receipt of payment in hand, the registered owner may go to the contract towing provider and remit the applicable towing and storage fees.  Vehicles impounded by the Public Safety Division are able to be retrieved from Mr. C’s Towing, located at 4421 Mason Street, South Gate, CA 90280.

Only the Registered Owner (RO) of a vehicle can obtain the impound release.  If the RO is not available, (for example, out of town), he or she may mail or overnight a NOTARIZED letter designating a person to pick up the vehicle.  Only the original of the notarized letter is acceptable, not copies or faxes.  In the letter, the RO must be very specific as to who will be picking up the vehicle, along with a detailed description of the vehicle, itself (make, model, license plate number, etc.).

Contact Information

Animal Control, Code Enforcement, Parking
(310) 603-0220, ext 271

Anthony Torres, Lead Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 263

Rikermy Martin, Lead Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 272

Public Safety

Arturo Ramos, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 265

Arturo Solorzano, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 631

Carlos Gonzalez, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 268

Claudia Sabino, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 311

David Delgadillo, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, Ext. 313

Elias Navarro, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 264

George Zaragoza, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 262

Robert Wilson, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 271

Shirley Mejia, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 315

Tyrone Pulley, Public Safety Officer
(310) 603-0220, Ext. 318

Business License

Erik Garcia, Business License Officer
(310) 603-0220, ext. 314