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New State Business Grants

As folks may have read (I also emailed about this a few days ago), Governor Newsom and the state have announced new rounds of business grants ($5,000-25,000) to help businesses harmed by the COVID pandemic.

There are multiple rounds for this new grant money, with one group – businesses who were waitlisted from the state grant programs that occurred in December 2020 and February 2021 – opening up this Friday (March 5).

Additional grant rounds include nonprofits (which opens March 16) and a more open round for new business applicants (which opens March 25).

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What is the Workforce Development Program?

Our goal is to provide a successful workforce development project to the residents and Businesses of Lynwood. Assisting the community by connecting them to available resources and other potential opportunities to the business sector, the Lynwood business in return will provide opportunities to the residents of Lynwood. Ensuring a cohesive collaboration to develop a strong workforce for the community of Lynwood.

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